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This is the page dedicated to statistics and facts regarding the Hottest 100. There are many pages to check out, all featuring information that has been obsessively and meticulously researched and organised. All attempts are made to ensure all the information featured here is correct, but in the event you find something incorrect or missing, don't hesitate to get in contact with me so I can rectify or add anything to the website.

Best Performing Artists

A great way to determine which artists have performed best throughout the history of the Hottest 100. Based solely on the yearly Hottest 100 countdowns, these two lists rank artists by their average positions, and also by their 'Hottest Number'.

Cover Songs

Here you'll find all the information you could want or need about all the cover songs that have charted in the yearly and all time countdowns. Also provides information about which songs that charted were from Triple J's 'Like A Version' sessions.

Foreign Language Songs

A small list which provides all the information about the tracks which have featured in the countdowns and are either not sung in English, or feature languages other than English.

Instrumental Songs

A collection of all of the songs that have been featured in a yearly or All Time countdown that feature no words at all, and are completely instrumental in their nature.

Most Consecutive Artists

A list with all of the information about all of the artists who have managed to feature in at least 4 or more Hottest 100 countdowns consecutively.

Release Dates

Arguably the most in-depth section of this site. A comprehensive look at the dates on which every charting song was released, and the accompanying album, if any, they were featured on.

Track Times

Information that relates to the length of not only the Hottest 100 countdowns, but the tracks in the countdown. This also provides a list of the longest and shortest songs to make it into the Hottest 100.

Unearthed Artists

This list provides information about all the artists who were discovered, or 'Unearthed' by Triple J, through their Unearthed initiative, which is designed to find up and coming Australian musicians.

Voting Lists

Ever wondered what songs could have made the countdown had history been a little different? Here's your chance!
The voting lists from the 2000 countdown to now (excluding 2002 & 2003) are right here!

Yearly Album Polls

At the end of every year, Triple J holds a poll to find out what listeners feel to be the best albums of the year. Starting in 1997, both Triple J listeners and Richard Kingsmill have released the favourite albums of the year. This list is a guide to which albums featured each year.

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