Instrumental Songs Wordless Wonders

Instrumental songs are just that; songs which feature no vocals at all, just instruments. This list does also feature songs that may feature vocal samples, as opposed to straight vocals, such is the case of Gerling's 'Enter, Space Capsule'.

Artist song year position
Mathar The Dave Pike Set 1994 39
Them From Mission: Impossible Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen 1996 68
Da Funk Daft Punk 1997 98
Nightmare Brainbug 1997 85
Enter, Space Capsule Gerling 1999 45
ABC News Theme (Remix) Pendulum 2010 11
Snake Charmer Bag Raiders 2010 144
Derezzed Daft Punk 2010 158
Animal Rights (feat. Wolfgang Gartner) Deadmau5 2010 191
Pizza Guy Touch Sensitive 2013 38
Cirrus Bonobo 2013 124
Bullit (Original Mix) Watermät 2014 118
Inspector Norse Todd Terje 2014 127
Cream On Chrome Ratatat 2015 52

In the 1989 All Time countdown, only one instrumental track featured. To date, no other instrumental track has featured in an All Time countdown.

Artist song year position
Midnight Oil Wedding Cake Island 1989 57

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