About This Site What's The Point?

Why Am I Doing This?

I've been a music fan for as long as I remember. I spent my early teenage years learning to play guitar and discovering copious amounts of artists, songs and genres to listen to. But after a friend loaned me a copy of the Triple J Hottest Box, I listened to it for days and days and became absolutely hooked on the music located on those discs.

I soon started to do a lot of research on the Hottest 100 and I started to discover a lot of artists and songs that I would've otherwise never listened to. From there, I started listening to each countdown every year and enjoying every minute of it.

Following the advent of Wikipedia, I began to help create, edit and provide information for articles pertaining to the Hottest 100. However, after a few years, I became somewhat disheartened by the fact that a majority Wikipedia users didn't allow what I considered to be useful or notable information. At the same time, I noticed that as the Triple J website updated their yearly Hottest 100 section, a lot of past information was inaccessible and lost to those who aren't tech-savvy.

So in mid 2011, I started to put this site together, originally as a hobby and as a way to remember certain information that was no longer allowed on the Wikipedia pages for the Hottest 100. Then, in early 2012, the original version of this site was launched. A year later, and after a massive redesign, and a shift to a far more reliable web server, this new unofficial Hottest 100 database was launched in January 2013.

As a small side note, this site was originally started in Gawler, South Australia, a small suburb not far from where the current Triple J brekfast hosts, Ben & Liam, also originated. Like Ben & Liam though, the site also moved onwards and upwards, and is now maintained from a slightly busier town called Melbourne.

If you're after a little bit more info about the site, here's an interview I did with Outlet Mag in 2016.


Copyright Information

Please remember that this is essentially a fan site. It is intended for reference only and is in no way officialy linked, connected or sponsored by the ABC or Triple J. I do not own any of the information and pictures on here (except for the statistics and facts, which are all my own research), I'm merely collating them for easy reference.

This site is completely unofficial and unauthorised, all copyright for any list information and any instance of a Triple J logo or related insignia belongs to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. All copyright for artwork on the CD releases belong to the respective artists. If the site is in breach of copyright at all, please contact me via the contact page and the offending aspects will be fixed up or removed as quickly as possible.

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