1996 Hottest 100 Cassette Release Volume 4
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About The Cassette

The 1996 Hottest 100 compilation album was released July 14th, 1997. It was the fourth compilation of a Hottest 100 countdown and contained 33 songs on two cassettes, featuring the same tracklisting as its CD counterpart.

The inclusion of Garbage's 'Milk (Single Edit - Shirley)' has been the source of some confusion in the past. Two main versions of ‘Milk’ were released on the Australian single; ‘The Wicked Mix’ (which features vocals by Tricky and singer Shirley Manson), and ‘The Siren Mix’ (which is the same as The Wicked Mix without Tricky’s vocals). A promotional version of the single was sent out in 1996 with two versions of the song on it, one called ‘Milk (Single Edit) - Shirley’, and one called ‘Milk (Single Edit) - Shirley & Tricky’. The version included on the CD and cassette releases is actually ‘The Wicked Mix’ and, if the same titles as the ones on the promotional CD were to be used, should be titled as ‘Milk (Single Edit) - Shirley & Tricky’. It is not known why the tracks are listed as such, but it is assumed to be a simple error when it came to using the correct title.

Track Listing

Cassette 1


Cassette 2


Side 1


Side 1

1 Buy Me A Pony Spiderbait 1 The Distance Cake
2 Stinkfist Tool 2 Devils Haircut Beck
3 Underground Ben Folds Five 3 The Muppet Song (Mah Nà Mah Nà) Skin
4 Pepper Butthole Surfers 4 Virtual Insanity Jamiroquai
5 Glycerine Bush 5 Novocaine For The Soul Eels
6 Breathe The Prodigy 6 Milk - (Single Edit - Shirley) Garbage
7 The Ballad Of The Skeletons Allen Ginsberg 7 Whoever You Are Geggy Tah
8 El Scorcho Weezer 8 Coppertone Fini Scad

Side 2


Side 2

1 You're Gorgeous Babybird 1 Hyperballad Björk
2 Down 311 2 If I Could Talk I'd Tell You The Lemonheads
3 Born Slippy .NUXX (short ii) [... short] Underworld 3 So Rude Rebecca's Empire
4 Scooby Snacks Fun Lovin' Criminals 4 I'll Be Your Majick Def FX
5 Spaceman Babylon Zoo 5 Wombo Lombo Angélique Kidjo
6 D.A.F. Powderfinger 6 I Make Hamburgers The Whitlams
7 I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am Regurgitator 7 Ella's Uncle Matt Trapnell & Trapazoid
8 Santa Monica Everclear 8 Professional Widow Tori Amos
9 Just A Girl No Doubt      

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